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The power of being vulnerable

I keep pondering this notion of openness to taking hits. Not physical hits obviously, but other kinds of hits - the kinds that challenge me and what I can do; the kinds that can make me go "I have so much to learn", "I can do better", "I'm behind and I need to take it up a notch"

Why do I say "taking hits"? Because it hurts the ego. The fantasy of being without flaws is tempting as hell. We want to look good to ourselves and others. You know it, I know it! But if there's any chance of constantly improving and doing better than we did before, it's by admitting to ourselves the depth of our flaws and ignorance in the first place.

Does confronting this make my breathing heavier? Does it feel like weakness in some form? Does it feel inconvenient? It does occasionally have these effects, and that's GOOD! Because it is the sign of facing my true healthy vulnerability!

I want to be more vulnerable and I do not want to run or hide from it!

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