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Do you have a white elephant?

Ok, so you may find yourself disagreeing with this: It's quite normal to have a certain area in your life wherein you like to spend a good amount of money, often irrationally so.

Rather than putting yourself down for it, as you may be doing, it's far more important to simply be aware of the fact that you have the tendency in you. This may sound absurdly obvious, but denial of our less-than-respectable urges is a lot more common than we're willing to admit (not that surprising when you think about it) and once we're willing to be more open, they become less of a problem.

I've personally found that being aware helps me in two ways: (1) I can actually regulate myself better when the tendency rises in me, and never go overboard, and (2) I can ensure that other areas of my life are better structured so that this one area doesn't ruin the entire picture.

White Elephants may seem trivial but they can have an interesting pleasure-pain contribution. Are they really all that trivial then?


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