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Tribe with your vibe 

Acceleration personal growth

A creative advanture

Fireside Session 

Reboot blueprint

What will you get?

AMX is 4 days full of growth, stepping outside your comfort zone, indulging in creative epiphanies, experiencing the art, culture & stories of a place while participating in brainstorms, unleashing creativity & solving your most pressing challenges, collectively.

Attitude Makeover Experience

Take the plunge

USD $2500
​includes full board.

30 January - 2 February 

Cintacor Island 

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In the last year plus, I've been sharing my journey of reboot with the world- thru these podcasts- we've built up a community of fellow mid-life reboots! And now that we're out of this pandemic, I'd like to create avenues to bring this community together. One such is the Attitude Makeover Experience- a 4-day immersion- A series of unique invite-only residencies designed and curated for (my patrons) the adventurous going thru their mid-life reboot- Creators, Founders, Doers, Community Owners, Misfits & Make-it Happen people.

Who's it For? 

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