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Attitude Makeover

About Us

The power lies within us. The power to unlock and utilize the very substance or potential that lies within us. To unleash this power, each one needs the backing of conviction, knowledge, and life skills. Attitude Makeover by Sowjanya Shetty is a career-centric initiative focused on imparting knowledge around important life skills for an individual to grow in the career journey they envision for themselves.

While holistic perspective building and motivation to achieve goals form the base of everything Attitude Makeover stands for, an undivided focus is targetted towards the inculcation of these life skills:

  • Growth Mindset.
  • Maneuvering Change in every context.
  • Strategic Thinking to scale career height.

Why Sowjanya Shetty?

Through my diversified work and personal experience, I figured one thing for sure to keep up (and stay on top of the game) with the ever-evolving world and career landscape, one must be a lifelong learner - I am a lifelong learner and encourage everyone to be the same. I’ve had a corporate career that gave me opportunities to work along the breadth of the otherwise siloed functions. The exposure and experience to a magnitude of diversity and inclusion power my guidance to individuals on the ‘whys, whats, and hows’ of building a valuable career portfolio.

Plan of (achievable) action: Every strategy starts with a bigger, informed picture. All the other actionable and achievable goals are lined up to get closer to the bigger picture/long-term success. Then, it translates to mapping out individual transformation journeys as defined by a variety of parameters. Attitude Makeover is here to fill in the gaps and flesh out your strengths and skills. It revolves around introspectively looking at one’s facets, consciously recognizing true values, establishing career goals, honing the life skills required, and embarking on that career growth journey.


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      Imagine you plant a seed. In the first year, it sprouts and grows a little, maybe knee-high. That's like simple interest in finance - you earn a return on your initial investment, like the plant growing from the seed. But here's the magic of COMPOUNDING: That first year's growth becomes part of the plant the next year. So, the next year, the plant isn't just growing on the original seed, it's also growing on the stem that grew the prior year. You earn interest not only on your original investment, but also on the interest you've already earned. So basically, this means your money grows faster over time. Which in turn translates to making the money work for you! Do you see how this could potentially change your perspective and relationship with money, for the better?#attitudemakeover #generationalperspectives #compoundinterest #financialgrowth #moneymagic #investingwisdom #wealthbuilding
      Money. It makes the world go round, but for different generations, the way it spins can vary wildly. Presenting to you: Working, independent individuals – Nishmitha, Arthi, Amogh – in their early 20s, late 20s, mid 30s and yours truly (repping the 40s club!) We sit down to talk money, about our mindset and relationship in connection with it (and change, thereof). But why? Because we are mostly ready to take off, brand each generation with names, but we don’t tend to listen to people in different generational cohorts. We especially don’t talk to one another about money. And that’s a problem for everyone. And it creates a divide between our needs and desires, as individuals. This is an earnest (a tad bit experimental) attempt to share and set financial realities across age groups in perspective. STAY TUNED for more and don’t forget to subscribe!